Stud Service

We are excited to be offering the stud services of our fine male champions. Attached are the 4 pages of our Stud Service Contract. Please be aware that there are 4 – four – pages.

DOWNLOAD the contract here.

Two of our fine champions are:

GCh Larrgo from Havs de GraceGCh Lokkei joins the fine champions of Havs de Grace

CLICK HERE to read all about Larrgo and his successes.

This particular photo was taken from a video when he was strutting his stuff at the Westminster Dog Show in 2013.



Then we have Gch LOKKEI. Officially known as GCh Angebraten Baron Lokkei de Grace!

He’s pretty well know since his tour in Havre de Grace when he met the mayor!
CLICK HERE to learn more about him.

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