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Welcome to Havs of Havre de Grace.

Welcome to Havre de Grace signHi, I’m Ed (Pastor Ed) to those who’ve known me long. Along with my wonderful wife, Debbie, we moved to our home a few years ago and upon retiring have taken a new path. This new path led us to our wonderful little Havanese family.

It all started with our question: What dog is small, doesn’t shed, and friendly?

We had raised Bouviers des Flanders, a big dog with a friendly personality, but they became too big for us to handle. So we went on a website search. We wanted a small, friendly, good traveler, lap dog, who loves children and other dogs, non-shedding and is a good companion dog.

It seemed like a big order but we found what we were looking for: HAVANESE.

The Havanese is from Cuba and were recognized by American Kennel Club (AKC) in 1996. They were raised to be companion dogs for royalty and for herding chickens for the farmers. Their long coats helped protect them from the heat and dust when herding.

Lilli de Grace from Havs de Grace Kennel
Lilli is curious and delightful.

We purchased our first Havanese in 2007. Her name is “Lilli”. She is a gold pie in color and is, indeed, all that we could ever want in a pet companion. She is a well behaved family member that sleeps in our bed.

We decided to buy another dog and try our hand at showing dogs. My wife Debbie says, “They are like chips. You are never satisfied with just one.” Thus our adventure in dog buying, raising, showing and breeding began. Debbie also grooms dogs and is the primary caretaker of the “pets”.

Lolla is cozy in her open cage at home.

At this time, we have a Champion in “Lolla Mae de Grace” – a blackish/blueish Havana Silk Dog. We purchased Lolla in St. Petersburg, FL on New Years Day 2009. “Lilli”, our first Havanese, had two puppies and one of them, “We Luv Lucci de Grace”, is on her way to Grand Champion.

Are we having fun? You betcha!

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  1. We are a retired couple who would very much love a female Havanese. We presently have a four year old Havanese. However, she is my daughter’s dog and she is moving out. Tallulah is very much my dog as I raised her and trained her and stayed home with her every day. I can’t imagine not having a Havanese to love in my house. Previous to Tallulah, we had a Bichon Frise for 15 years. Please let me know if puppies become available. Thank you so much. I look forward to hearing from you.

  2. Interested in these adorable Havanese dogs looks so much like my Cockapoo she passed away at 18 1/2 and I am looking for another dog. Would you please let me know when you have females available again thank you so much! I am newly retired have lots of love and time to give!! Please let me know you received this note!

  3. Jsawyer1952@stevenson.edu Hi Debbie just met one of your Havanese puppies born last July, Otis (so cute and perfect size) owners Suzie and Mark Kalthof.
    We always had Yorkies and our last senior one died in Sept. We have been without a dog for the first time. And are really ready for one! I have researched the Havanese and really like the breed. My Husband is retired and would be home to take care of a puppy. Hoping you will have puppies available soon? We loved Otis! And so funny that I was researching a Havanese on the computer and my Husband was taking a walk and met Otis! Joyce and Larry Sawyer 410-893-3464

  4. Hi Deb,
    My name is Kathy and have a friend with two Havanese and she passed your name to me. I lost my cocker poo Maltese last March 2020 after 13 years and 9 months. Miss her a lot. Wondering if you mail get have any pups in June. Thank you

  5. Hi Debbie, my name is Rene Villanueva and we just spoke. I am interested in a male havanese that may be available mid July. I will keep in touch with you.

  6. Don’t want to bother you but any new puppies in the future. I am really interested. We spoke about 6 weeks ago. Thank you Kathe Oakjones

  7. I am interested in one of the puppies but am unable to get in or pay. My name is Janice and I will keep trying for now, thank you very much. 443-695-2441. Thanks, Janice

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