We care a great deal about our Havanese Puppies

Because they ‘live with us’ and become part of our family, we want them to become YOUR family. We have a Sales Agreement that we’d like you to read before committing to being a Forever Home for a new puppy or one of our rescue dogs.

CLICK HERE for the pdf that you can download using ADOBE READER. (Click the adobe link if you don’t already have it – it’s free.) Or here is a MSWord document  if you prefer. You can then read, sign and print out the agreement and send it or bring it with you when you purchase a dog from us.

Thank you. We know you care as much as we do.

11 Commments

  1. Hi Teresa. This is Debbie’s web lady. She doesn’t do the internet very well. Please call her directly. She has some beautiful puppies available. 410-459-8162 Thanks so much. Ellie

  2. Hello,
    My name is Teresa Wolfe. I have a 2 year old havanese named Lexi. She’s a sweet little girl who needs a sister. I live in Centreville MD on the eastern shore. My husband comes home ever day at lunchtime to take her out and feed her lunch. I’m off on Friday to have a long weekend. I work at Anne Arundel Community College . We are interested in adopting one of your puppies. I look forward to hearing from you.

  3. To:belladulcesilks Details

    Good afternoon; I came across your name while searching for Havanese breeders on breeders.net. Could you please tell me if any of the Havanese pus currently available and if so the cost for adoption/purchase? Thanks you in advance.

    Thank you in advance,

    Dawn Carpenter

  4. Please call Deb immediately for updates. 410-939-4428 Thanks so much and Happy New Year from the ‘weblady’

  5. Hello,

    Interested in the Biewer Terrier puppy, if still available, but need to see a picture/video of same before committing. What is the cost? Also, we have researched the neutering/spaying thoroughly and research shows dogs benefit when this procedure is done after one year of age; if we were to sign a document that guarantees it will be done at such time, would you sell us the puppy? We have no intentions of breeding our pet. We lost ours after 15 wonderful years and we are now ready to welcome a new pet home. Thank you. Warren and Maria

  6. I have co-bred and showed elkhounds. I am looking for a havanese for my 13 yo daughter. We lcurrently live in Charleston sc but previously lived in Maryland and will be visiting the area for Thanksgiving

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