Home-Raised Havanese

Our Havanese are family, which is just the way this breed likes it.

Lilli de Grace of Havs of Havre de Grace Kennel
Lilli de Grace – our first Havanese


First came Lilli de Grace.
Gold-pied in color, she is our companion. She sleeps with us and has become a family member.

Lucci de Grace and Daisy are two of her puppies. You can see Daisy on Our Friends page.



Lolla Mae de Grace from Havs of Havre de Grace Kennel
Lolla – a champion – rests warm and cozy at home.

Lolla Mae de Grace is our Havana Silk Dog and is a champion. She is a blackish/blueish color.

Libby de Grace of Havs of Havre de Grace Kennels
Libby de Grace

Libby de Grace is black with a white chest. She’s quiet and patient.

Lazzer de Grace from Havs of Havre de Grace Kennel
Lazzer taking a rest from his antics. He is FOR SALE.

Lazzer de Grace is our first male. He is purebred but not quite up to par for champion. He is for sale. He is a beautiful chocolate and white with a very pleasant personality. You can enjoy his playfulness in this very short video.

4 Commments

  1. Please call Debbie directly as she does not get online very often. 410-459-8162 Thank you and Happy New Year from the weblady!

  2. I do not think Lazzer is still available. Please give Debbie a call because she doesn’t use the internet a lot. 410-459-8162 Thank you from the weblady … Happy New Year!

  3. Our friends got a dog from you. We’re interested in one.
    What is the approximate cost associated with purchasing this breed?

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